Pack of 1 x 25L Container

Disinfecting surfaces in hospitals, households, workplaces and industrial facilities is a key line of defence to prevent the spread of germs. Daily disinfecting should be done on high-touch surfaces and objects such as doorknobs, lift buttons, desks, phones, computer keyboards, faucets and countertops, amongst others, to slow or prevent the transmission of infectious diseases.

Our range of ready-to-use disinfectants for hard surfaces, which includes trigger sprays, mist sprays and wet wipes can be applied on all hard surfaces including walls, tiles, glass,  plexiglass, plastics, stainless steel,  floors, sanitary ware and more.

Viridis surface disinfectants are suitable for use in households, factories, food processing facilities, F&B outlets, hospitals, childcare institutions, transport terminals and more, where there is a need to prevent bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts or algae from proliferating.

Surface Disinfectant - 25L

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